Giorgio Armani - Father of Italian Fashion

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By Jan Schroeder (Own work)

If somebody has a good sense in fashion, or perhaps even fashion aficionados, then Giorgio Armani will be an obvious choice. Conquering the world with their strongest force of designs to blow your minds out, it is without a doubt that they will stay on the top by being a global empire longer than you or even them have expected.

Giorgio Armani is a child who they never thought would grow up to become one of the most sought after fashion designer, an icon, and a legend. He comes from Italy who lived the life with constant exposure to fine living and couture wardrobe. He was known for liberating men and women alike from the traditional tailored couture to a more casual but relatively elegant look. Giorgio Armani is a perfectionist his own little ways, and he expects all his creation to be impeccably perfect.

After 3 decades, Giorgio Armani still remains at the top, boasting of numerous brands like Armani Exchange (A/X), Armani Jeans, Armani Casa, Armani Collezioni, and the ever popular Emporio Armani just to name a few.

Armani also has an undisputed passion for fine dining with 14 Emporio Armani Café’s worldwide, the Armani Bar based in Hong Kong, and his recently founded bars Prive & NoBu are found all throughout the world. All of these say that Giorgio Armani is not only home to fashion but he has successfully extended to other businesses. Armani is now in his early 70’s and still remains very active in his multi-billion dollar empire. Truly, Armani has proven what a great fashion designer he is.

Giorgio Armani is a unique designer who applies the term “simplicity” to all of his masterpieces. He says that fashion is just a simple way of stating something very much complex. He values discretion in every design he makes. He based all of his creation to professional style. Giorgio Armani is without a doubt, a great and a very influential designer not to mention his being one of the richest. His designs are truly astounding, words could hardly describe them.

When he created the Giorgio Armani accessories, the public could not get enough of these stylish new products. It’s is by far one of the most amazing fashion lines available in the market today. First on the list are the Giorgio Armani sunglasses. With these babies, you will never compromise fashion over sun protection again. Not only are they hot but they are also functional with 100% UV protection. These sunglasses are never out of date and can be worn every day of the year. They are inspired by sophistication and elegance that’s why they immediately became the celebrities’ favorite. A wide array of selection is available including the popular oversized ones. Armani sunglasses are the best choice for eye fashion and protection.

When you talk about Armani, you wouldn’t dare miss their steady line of Giorgio Armani watches. You will never be late again, you’ll just be fashionable. All their design transcends innovation plus luxury. Using only the highest grade in material, it surely is a tough line to beat.

Giorgio Armani accessories also cater to men’s need. In fact, they even have Giorgio Armani neckties for our man on the go. This marvelously constructed fine piece of article puts the icing on top of your casual office ensemble. This small piece of clothing complements your entire look, especially if it’s from Armani.

Giorgio Armani has gone a long way even exceeding what he has dream of achieving. All of his achievements which are still growing resonates the fact that he has already made a fashion global empire for himself.

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