Jimmy Choo Shoes: A wonderful and Underrated Designer

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Jimmy Choo ShoesMost of the top-of-the-line designer shoe brands are practically from the shoe capital of the world, Italy. Most, but not all! While many women drool over designer shoes that are designed by famous Italian designers, there are some that go for the subtler brands yet with the same, or if not, better quality compared with the Italian shoes. Jimmy Choo shoes are one of the fastest growing shoe manufacturers in the fashion industry today.

Founded and launched in 1996, barely more than a decade in the fashion world, Jimmy Choo shoes undeniably gained a lot of respect from shoe lovers all across the globe because of the impeccable quality they present to their customers. But how did this growing company started?

Born in Penang, Malaysia from a family of shoemakers, Jimmy Choo, the founder of the said shoe company, started his designs at a very tender age of eleven. Because of his passion for the shoe industry, his parents enrolled him at Cordwainers’s Technical College, which was based in London, and in the London College of Fashion

During that time, Vogue magazine accessories editor in the UK, Tamara Yeardye Mellon, felt that there was a great need for stylish yet easy to wear shoes. The editor recognized the talent of Jimmy Choo for his intricate and excellent craftsmanship in shoemaking. That is why she approached him and later created a team that partnered them both in creating and producing ready-to-wear shoes. Their partnership has led them both to making stand alone shops across the different fashion capitals around the world. Likewise, they also catered to wholesale business worldwide.

In April of 2001, Jimmy Choo expanded its business with its announcement of it new partnership, Equinox Luxury Holding Ltd. In a span of only three years, the company has expanded totally and opened 26 shops across the globe. Aside from Jimmy Choo shoes that were being manufactured, a new line of handbag and leather goods lines were launched to further expand their ever-growing fashion empire. In November 19, 2004, the company announced of the acquisition of a European company names Hicks Muse, in the shares of Jimmy Choo, apparently valued at about one hundred and one million dollars. Early of 2007, Hicks Muse declared its exit in the position it holds in the Jimmy Choo Company, selling the stake to Towerbook Capital Partners. By April of 2007, a new Chief Executive Officer was named, in the person of Joshua Schulman, another seasoned executive for luxury goods.

With its designs and outlooks, the Jimmy Choo company is said to expand and open another fifty more stores across the globe by the year 2008.
Jimmy Choo shoes have been well grasped by the buying public, and even by a number of who’s-who in the entertainment seen. The Jimmy Choo Heels were often visible being worn by stars in major Hollywood awards. This only goes to show what impact these Jimmy Choo shoes has created among the shoe lovers around. Jimmy Choo metallic flats, consequently, are the hottest trends these days because millennium colors are very in this season.

With more than a hundred shops across the globe, there is a great chance for you to find discounted Jimmy Choo shoes that can somehow fit in to your budget. Because they are very in-demand brands these days, expect them to be very expensive. Yet, the company has made it a point to meet the demands of their clients. They also have very high standards in terms of the materials that they use.

Pamper yourselves with the luxury of having Jimmy Choo shoes. Not only are they a woman’s ultimate pleasure, but also they are nice little pieces of luxury.