Lacoste Shoes: Classy and Elegant

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Lacoste shoesEverybody loves the outdoors. These are great places for someone to have a good time, with the comfort of our friends and loved ones. That is why, it is very important for you to have the proper get-up, which can add comfort to your outdoor pleasures. Lacoste Shoes are perfect ones for you get that comfort you want. But have you ever wondered how Lacoste made a name in the fashion industry?

History Of Lacoste

Lacoste is one of the most famous fashion brands in the market today. Its founder, Rene Lacoste, born in 1904, has long been fascinated with the game of tennis, even when he was still a happy, little boy. Because of that, he fulfilled his dreams of making in big in the sports scene, hoping someday he would create a name of his own. He did fulfill this life long ambition. He became a world-renowned professional tennis player. After a few years, Rene Lacoste retired from professional tennis. But that did not stop him from gaining more fame he has enjoyed throughout his tennis career. So he began designing high-end sports apparel that he soon named after himself. The apparel line is very famous for its logo, the crocodile, which has been a company’s trademark for many years already. His clothing line is made particularly for players because its materials apparently can shoo away moisture that is due to heat.

At present Lacoste has made billions of products that cater to both the casual and the sports apparel enthusiasts. The apparels are very casual, with designs that are comfortable for the users. For such a long time, the company has remained the top choice among other leading sports apparel brand. This is partly because of the many satisfied clients it has produced.

In a span of a number of years, Lacoste has produced millions of products, especially when Rene Lacoste’s son, Bernard, took over Rene’s management of Lacoste. The company reached its very peak during the times tennis shirts were the essentials for preppy wardrobes. Aside from the typical white tennis shirts, the company has added colorful shirts among its collections.

More recently, the company has become more popular, thru the help of French designer Christophe Lemaires. The designer created modern-looking designs with a twist of light and bubbly colors, drawing more attention and appreciation from fashion enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the company has greatly expanded worldwide, opening boutiques and stores from key cities across the globe. From clothing, the company opened its doors in producing a line small leather goods, fragrances, watches, shorts, and Lacoste footwear. Lacoste shoes are very much well needed by everybody because of its comfort. From Lacoste sneakers to Lacoste boots, everything is made from perfection with the highest quality of standards. Lacoste shoes are originally designed to go well and complement a sporty look. They are made from pure leather and designed for ultimate style and optimum comfort. And of course, you can always see the infamous logo of the company.

Lacoste shoes are not that expensive actually. In fact, the price range is between eighty dollars to about a hundred dollars per pair. Over all, their prices are surprisingly affordable considering the fact that they are designer brands and are said to be on top –of-the-line quality. If you want to have cheap Lacoste shoes, you really need not worry about this concern because most of their shoes are sold in relatively reasonable prices, along with some of their other products.

There are more than a hundred Lacoste botiques located in ten countries nationwide. Feel free to visit some of their shops and be drawn by the real beauty of their classic styles and designs. If you want to look hip and class in your outdoor pleasures, have yourself a pair of classic Lacoste shoes.