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From ball gowns to mini skirts, trousers to shorts, silver bangles to beaded earrings, high-heeled pumps to fashion boots, cotton sashes to leather fashion belts – face it, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends in fashion for it has lightning-speed reflexes. The quote made famous by a popular television show is indeed true – today you’re in but tomorrow you’re out.

Fashion is commonly associated with glamour and style. You say fashion and almost immediately, the runway littered with a dozen or so fashion models come to mind. There are even reality shows that are dedicated to this industry wherein a group of aspiring fashion designers and models compete for their respective trophies. But fashion isn’t singularly connected with glamour. Fashion actually gravitates around the culture of the country you’re living in. So the style or tailoring of the clothes is also dependent on what is socially acceptable. Customs and traditions play a large part in country fashion, French fashion, Italian fashion, Victorian fashion, Chinese fashion and Spanish fashion.

Fashion also pertains to the current form of expression but more often than not, applies to your own personal form of expression that may not be harmonious with others. Case in point: if the latest trend is the bubble dress, you continue to wear your trusted well-worn jeans and sneakers because you are more comfortable wearing them. If you are a celebrity, making fashion statements is not uncommon behavior and would certainly land you on fashion blogs. But since the majority doesn’t exist in celluloid, more often than not, people just wear what is in season.

Clothes aren’t the only things that evolve in fashion though. Fashion accessories have also been modified to suit the life and times of a society that sometimes fall victim to fashion addiction. Bags, shoes and belts vary like the tide. Fashion houses declare certain colors as the colors of the year. The types of cloth used also differ for each season for obvious reasons. You can’t wear a heavy mink coat in the summertime or wear a bikini during winter, can you? Fashion jewelry has also been altered through the years to go with the latest trends. Pricey jewels aren’t requisites on special or formal occasions anymore. You can wear beads that match the color of your dress or blouse.

The fashion of men and women differ greatly in terms of change. It is a well-known fact that womens fashion is a more dynamic business than mens fashion because women buy more clothes than men. The law of supply and demand comes into play in every industry and the business of fashion is no different. You can count the number of accessories that a man owns. A suit, tie, trousers, dress shirts and leather shoes are the staples in a man’s wardrobe. If you check a woman’s closet, you’ll be barraged by skirts, shorts, bikinis, blouses, halter tops, that little black party dress, pumps, thigh-high boots, and flip-flops. And take note, these are just a few of the standard items.

As they say in the advertising world, when there is no need, you create the need. Since the world is an amalgam of personalities and preferences, the fashion industry will never cease to be the dynamic animal like it is today.

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