Women’s Clothes and how they Change Over time

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If we are peruse through an unscripted look on how women’s wear fashion have evolved throughout the decades, the pictures of the designs alone would easily help us identify the time period. Suffice it to say, women’s fashion can be deftly regarded more with a visual timeline, each look can be easily defined and distinguished from one generation to another. And yet, true enough, as every possible style and trend evolves, it has the uncanny ability of inching its way back to the glittered fashion catwalks. What may be considered as passé today may just be the next hottest style tomorrow.
Womens fashion evolving
Truth be known, the American society is greatly influenced by ladies’ fashion. Behind every powerful man should have a stylishly dolled up woman – the most treasured and probably the most expensive accessory of all time. Prominent personalities in society, Hollywood celebrities, fashion models and teen boppers all play a major hand in inspiring a particular fashion style for a certain generation. Among the highly influential individuals for all time would have to be Madonna and Jackie O. In close comparison, both may seem to display an entirely different sense of fashion that one might go out to saying they are probably poles apart, but in essence the two have been the most highly regarded and emulated women in the fashion industry. In fact, one can still sporadically see some flashes of Madonna’s loud fashion sense or the understated and timeless elegance that is unerringly the original stamp of Jackie O.

Back in the 1900s, women’s wear fashion was greatly influenced by the introduction of automobiles. Women were prevalently seen in dresses that include dustcoats, which effectively provides protection on clothing from the dirt from traveling. This trend made a gradual shift in 1920’s, which was predominantly regarded as the Jazz Age. The “flapper style’ was the in thing, featuring short dresses in fringes and accessorized with long pearls.

With the advent of the Great Depression, fashion also made an abrupt turnabout to accommodate the rapid decline on the demand of luxury items and women’s wear merely consisted of anything that they possibly afford. In the early 30’s, ladies’ wear starting to pick up again following the Hollywood fashion. The 1940’s was a period of war, hence women were mainly seen wearing uniform-like clothes but with subtle sophistication made by incorporating padded shoulders, close tailored look and the partiality to short skirts.

By 1950’s, the full skirt made a comeback in a grand fashion, but now featuring the popular cinched waists. Marilyn Monroe and other stylish Hollywood actresses were considered to be the movers and shakers of the generation, practically dictating the choice of pattern and style choice of most American women. In the 60’s, fashion ushered in a more flamboyant and colorful trend, and no one can possibly take precedence to the impressive influence of then First Lady Jackie Kennedy, later known as the great Jackie O. One of the most popular fashion statements of the First Lady was the pillbox hat that was later seen worn by every American woman in an attempt to copy the sophisticated style that was uniquely Jackie’s own.

In the 1970’s, gone were the rather stiff and restricted clothing in place for the loose and comfortable wear. Among the biggest hit were the bell-bottom pants and tie-dye that were both worn by both sexes. This is mainly because Disco Fever was the hottest thing then, and the fashionistas and hippies play the biggest influence. When Madonna finally entered the big screen in the 80’s, she made a big impact not just in the music world but also in the fashion scene. Young American girls were often seen wearing tight leggings, of the shoulder sweatshirts, some headbands, headbands and bangles. The 90’s sported an entirely different look, sleek and sophisticated was the dictate of fashion.

As you might have gathered, fashion will always be am every-changing cycle. Just looking at all the clothes available at Macys will show you how it changes every year. The great thing is the fact that fashion makes every girl and woman even aspect of their femininity And yes! Its always a great being a girl!

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